Pricing Plans

In Pricing Plans page, you can set the regular price and add, edit or remove existing plans.  Regular price is the price that will be applied by default, if no other pricing plan is found. You can set a “Regular Price” for all the time, and then create “Other Plans” for specific time periods & seasons.

The price set on the pricing plan will be valid for the date range of the pricing plan. When you add a plan, it’s valid for the reservations between the dates you set. For example we have a regular price of $100 and added a plan for the dates February 10 – February 13 with a price of $150. When a customer wants to book the room for the dates between February 10 – February 15, the pricing is going to be as follows:

February 10: $150

February 11: $150

February 12: $150

February 13: $150

February 14: $100

February 15: $100

If there are two different pricing plans for the same day, the plan that is higher on the other plans list will be valid. You can move plans up and down if you wish to change the priority.

This is an example Pricing Plans page.