Free WordPress hotel booking plugin. WordPress hotel reservation system.

Rise hotel booking banner imageThe WordPress Rise Hotel Booking plugin is an ideal WordPress property rental system specifically designed for the hospitality industry. WordPress Rise Hotel Booking Hotel Booking plugin for rental property websites offers an all-in-one property management package. List endless accommodations and services, get direct online bookings and sync multiple bookings with no upfront or per-property commissions, among other features. This WordPress Rise Hotel reservation plugin is ideal for running any hospitality business, regardless of size, function, or cost, both for the customer and the hotel. It can easily be used for hotels, vacation rentals, apartment agencies, hostels, etc.

With this WordPress Rise Hotel Booking Plugin, you can create a simple vacation rental list and a robust rental property reservation website with online and offline payments, automatic inventory control, price information, flexible pricing rates, particular policies, etc. The Rise hotel reservation plugin allows you to add specific room and property availability calendars and a real-time property search form. It offers you all the facilities for the rooms and properties you specify.

This WordPress Rise Hotel Booking Plugin reservation system is easy for hotel and vacation rental owners, B&B landlords, real estate agents, and anyone working in the hospitality industry. Rise Hotel Booking plugin is a standalone plugin that allows you to create a beautiful rental property website using any WordPress theme and close it quickly if needed.

You can increase the number of channels available for your hotel or vacation rental business while avoiding overbooking. The plugin can synchronise availability and reservations on our website with Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, or other online travel platforms that support iCal, allowing customers to experience a more convenient booking time.

Rise Hotel reservation plugin creates customised calendars that can be exported to external internet channels and imported from OTAs. There is an almost real-time synchronisation system with half-hour synchronisations. Customers can log in, see reservations, and save time on future reservations using the pre-filled customer information protected at checkout. Website administrators can have the plugin automatically or manually create user accounts for customers.

Highlights of WordPress Rise Hotel Reservation Add-on

Rise hotel booking pluginIt is easily optimised for a single property, such as a room while handling multiple rooms. This provides great convenience to the users. Data such as photo galleries, services, view options, bed types, or occupancy are structured in property data. It lists the accommodations available to the customers and allows them to be edited. It gives the eligibility system in real-time. The number of guests is known with the intelligent algorithms used, and the system works accordingly. The most suitable room options are offered. It also does not have limited variables. The price has unlimited variables like season payouts. This way allows making a more intelligent choice for your special days. Customers can make paid or free reservations during checkout according to their wishes. They can add or remove extra services or package systems at this stage. Another critical point is the determination of fixed departure and arrival times. The Rise Hotel Booking plugin will help you with transportation during your individual or collective visits to our hotel. Promotions and coupons will be available for your regular customers who visit our hotel frequently. These coupons and promotions can be seen in detail via the Rise Hotel Booking plugin.

The Rise hotel booking plugin provides all the necessary information for your concerns about taxes and fees. While filling out the eligibility format section in the plugin, the age range of your children can be entered, and the appropriate options can be shown to you. Moreover, visitors are not limited to one reservation and can easily book more than one accommodation. The plugin also helps in professional languages Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic, and German to serve you better. Languages not included in the plugin also use WPML and are officially compatible and ready for custom translations.

The plugin has a single or collective reservation system. You can book one room or three or four rooms if you want. Our plugin works in all conditions. Each booking has its type, bed size, descriptions, and pricing. Thanks to the plugin, you can also book directly from The Rise Hotel’s website. This case can be customised. Additional services and packages for a specific type of drink will also be among the options. With the special search box in the plugin, you can also choose the accommodation type for your friends and make it easier. You have to enter the dates in the search box. In this way, you can experience a more convenient reservation process. You can fill in options such as the number of adults or children you wish. You can enter fewer data in the Standard area, but more available room options will give to you. So, feel free to customise the basic form. Regardless of their device, guests will choose a property that suits their needs and make a reservation using the reservation widget. It manages many properties, and The Rise Hotel Booking Plugin is a great way to give guests more sorting options to get the best deals right away.

To make the guest’s search much more accessible, add as many unique search parameters as you want, such as the number of guests, and price range, to the search eligibility form of the reservation widget.

Allowing guests to check individual property availability directly on the website, the Rise Hotel Reservation plugin pulls real-time availability data for the general search form and personal property availability calendars. Status colours will indicate suitable and unavailable days.

What can you do with Rise WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin?

Set up your own pricing for your room bookings

You can set your room pricing for any unique time to fit your budget when seasonal rates are too high or low. You can adjust the rates in your preferred currency according to the season or specific days and dates, and you can also benefit from the translation service. The concept of the season in the plugin is a word that appears during periods of increased customer density. You can effortlessly search for a budget, several rooms, or availability thanks to the season concept.

Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPressSince you have more than one room in different designs, there may be other designs in similar rooms for the same accommodation types, with various options such as non-refundable and non-cancellable reservations, advanced facilities, breakfast, and private toilets to maintain fixed prices. At the checkout page, your customers will be able to choose the preferred option.

Depending on the number of guests, the cost of the stay may be changed automatically. In using the plugin, all your customers must do is add the required number of per-guest pricing variables that differ from the base accommodation price and customise the basic form. Of course, the price ratio will change dynamically according to the search parameters of our guests. You can prioritise the maximum number of capacities for each room to make the number of adults and children more flexible. It is correct to filter the parameters that are important to you so that the room options can be selected correctly.

Set up coupon codes to give discounts using the plugin dashboard! 

Using the admin dashboard, you can create personalised discount coupons by percentage, per stay, or daily. You will be able to specify the discount value, expiration date, check-in and check-out dates, minimum and maximum stay days, and more to tailor your coupons for individual stays. In this case, the form will be more memorable and will show you the most suitable room option.

Use it to approve increased hotel booking plugin requests more conveniently. Give your guest, or you control over the booking confirmation or have a reservation confirmed immediately. You can set the payment System in The Rise Hotel Booking Plugin to receive the total price or a deposit for payments. You can allow customers to create personal accounts to track existing reservations and speed up the procedure for possible reservations more efficiently. You can enable automatic account creation for everyone at checkout or let visitors choose whether to create an account on your website.

This WordPress Rise Hotel reservation plugin system allows you to check in, check out, and limit accommodation for all or specific accommodations. Changes will be customised and reflected in your customers according to each property’s availability calendar. The statistics table in the plugin allows you to display all your sales and reservations for a certain period in an easily understandable colourful graphic style. You can use the Gutenberg WordPress editor to change the visual of the content or use regular WordPress shortcodes. You have a list of possible shortcodes on required pages, such as availability search results, Availability search form, room types of lists, and service lists. Each shortcode has a detailed description, parameters, and notes.

You can generate reservation reports with a single mouse click. You can clearly define check-in date, check-out date, reservation date, and total length of stay by getting a CSV file with complete information filtered by editable and developable criteria about all reservations made in a certain period. The generated reports can be accessed and updated in Excel, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet tool, then printed, stored locally, or emailed. We are provided with a free The Rise Hotel Booking plugin app for both Apple and Android operating systems that allows you to check availability, book appointments, and see guest and payment details on the go in real-time.