Coupon Codes

You can create coupon codes that provides discounts for specific dates. To create a coupon code, go to Rise Hotel Booking > Coupon Codes. Click “Add New Code” at the top, then you will see this page:

Coupon code: This is the code the users will use at the checkout.

Discount percentage: The discount percentage to be applied to the total price of the booking.

Utilization dates: The dates when the coupon can be used.

Utilization dates are the same as reservation dates: If checked, the utilization dates will be set as the same as the reservation dates. Any change made to utilization dates will change reservation dates too, and any change made to reservation dates will change utilization dates too.

Reservation dates: The reservation dates between which the coupon will be valid.

Quantity: The amount of bookings that the coupon is valid for. You can make this coupon unlimited by entering -1 in the quantity field.

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