Rise hotel booking

Rise is a free hotel booking plugin for wordpress, designed by hoteliers for hoteliers. 

Developed by hoteliers for hoteliers

Rise hotel booking plugin is the only free plugin that gives all the power to the hotel owners. 

No contracts. No commissions. Just simple & free. 

Easy to use

The plugin is made to install & use easily.

100% Free

No commission, no subscription, no fees.

Responsive & Customizable

The plugin is perfect for your WordPress site for desktop, mobile & all devices!

Happy hoteliers means happy customers!

We at RISE believe the improvement to the tourism industry starts from the heart of the industry, the hotels. And the hotel owners & staff are at the core of the innovation. We make things easy & free for the hoteliers, to make all travelers happy in the end! 

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RISE is NOT an agency

We believe hotels should not pay commission for their own customers. Each hotel can install the WordPress plugin and get reservations free of charge. We do not take commissions from the bookings done on hotels' website.

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RISE is created by hotel owners to FREE the hotel owners

As an hotelier, we know how difficult it is to comply the rules of different booking channels. That is why we want to help hotel owners use their own website to get customers!

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Keep improving and innovating

We at RISE are a young team with a lot of inspiration and innovative spirit. We are working each and every day to improve our services to make tourism industry better for both employees & clients.

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How does the rise hotel booking plugin work?

We made everything easy & straightforward for our both the receptionists & the customers. 

Receptionists View

1. Photo of the bookings list page

2. Photo of a booking page

Travelers View

1. Photo of the front page room search

2. Photo of the rooms list

3. Photo of the checkout page

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